Student Plan

Student plan offered by iSpace online and stores for the educational students and teachers.

1. Eligibility:

- “Student” means any individual with a demonstrated status of:

  • Higher Education student over the age of 18 years; or
  • Parent or Guardian purchasing on behalf of Higher Education student under the age of 18 years;

- “Teacher” means any individual over the age of 18 years with a demonstrated status of teacher, lecturer, tutor or other such person in a supervisory role involved in the provision of education to Students.

A valid ID for the Student or teacher from the university or higher education institution with the starting and ending dates of enrollment for the students , in case any of the previous are missing then an official letter from the university or institution is needed to proof that the student or teacher are affiliated with the University or institution.

2. Products :
  • All the Macbook models only
  • No support on Desktops (iMacs and Mac Pro)
3. Guidelines :
  • We will be funding 5% student discount only on all Macbook models.
  • There will be no student discount on Desktops (iMac & Mac Pro) & all iPad
  • Each valid ID will be granted up to two Macbook per calendar year
  • Please note that we accept all students registered in local Universities and Foreign Universities
  • Teachers in schools only that are accepted
  • Students in schools are not accepted
  • Valid ID ONLY are accepted or a letter from the educational institute
  • Sign Up/In, click on my account, click on my student ID
  • Please bear with us up to 48 hours upon applying the ID until we inspect the information shared